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SCS Alumni Scott Graduates US Naval Academy

SCS Alumni Scott Graduates US Naval Academy by Elisabeth Hardy | May 27, 2020

On May 20, 2020 in a closed ceremony McGregor Scott graduated from the US Naval Academy. McGregor shared some remarks with our school recently. Here is his story… How did SCS prepare you for the Naval Academy? Somerset Christian School prepared me for the US Navel Academy by offering a variety of advance AP classes and dual enrollment opportunities. What would you advise those seniors ready to graduate SCS? If I had to advise graduating seniors, I would tell them to set goals, and then, don’t be afraid to fail. What advice would you give to someone interested in the Naval Academy? The Naval Academy program is designed to force every person to break. From students with perfect ACT scores to Division 1 athletes, the program knocks us down and then humbles future leaders. Tell us about your time at the Naval Academy. During my plebe (freshman) year, I tried to get on the sailing team. I was turned down. My professor wrote in one evaluation, “Midshipman Scott will be a burden and not succeed.” Still, I wanted to sail. It’s the reason I didn’t apply to Westpoint! This summer, I will be paid to teach sailing at the greatest naval school in the world. US News & World Reports ranks the US Naval Academy as the number one public school in America. As a plebe, I couldn’t qualify to get on a boat as crew. Now, I am the Commanding Officer of my own boat. If someone is interested in an appointment to the Naval Academy, I would encourage high school freshman to take every math class possible, volunteer for leadership positions, and play sports. Also, talk to a recent graduate. During my time at the Academy, I received The Mcnitt Award, which is presented once a year to the midshipmen demonstrating exemplary seamanship, navigation, leadership, and sailing skills which set them apart from their contemporaries. I also qualified as an offshore skipper. This is an unusual thing for a midshipman. I take 18-year-old plebes with zero sailing experience hundreds of miles off shore in the open ocean on a 44 foot boat, and I keep them alive. What is next for you? This fall I will head to Norfolk, Virginia as on officer on a destroyer, the USS McFaul. Thank you SCS Alumni McGregor Scott for sharing with us and more importantly serving our country!

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