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Middle School Awards Day

Students in our Middle School were awarded with Honor Roll, Timothy Award, Citizenship, Most Improved, Hardest Worker, and Christian Witness. Today, May 12 is the student's last day of regular classes before finals. Congratulations to all these students for this accomplishments throughout the year.

Recipients in 6th Grade: Hardest Worker, Addysen Conner; Citzenship Award, Ella Baker; Most Improved, Bryson Decker; Timothy Award, AJ Roach; Christian Witness, Averi Meadows.

In 7th Grade: Timothy Award and Hardest Worker, Mayah Edens; Christian Witness, Isabella Duncan; Citizenship Award, Catherine Hardy; Most Improved, Marie Knuckles.

In 8th Grade: Citizenship Award, Kyler Johnson; Christian Witness, Olivia Atwood; Hardest Worker, Emma Grace Warren; Most Improved, Lily Powers; Timothy Award, Charleston Girdler; Most Improved, Adalynn Dowell.

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