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SCS History

In the fall of 1995, arising from the dream to have a Christian school in this region, a local group of leaders and visionaries prayerfully pursued this goal and Victory Christian School was established. The school was housed in Victory Christian Fellowship’s building, initially offering grades K-8. It grew quickly, adding a grade every year until the school was a fully accredited K-12 institution, graduating 15 students in 2002.

During this time of robust growth, many of the school's families began hosting informational barbecues and get-togethers with other prospective families to promote the school's opportunities. Through these efforts and sacrifices and the prayers of many families, the foundation for what would become Somerset Christian School (SCS) was laid.

As SCS grew, the vision expanded to become more of a community-based school with a board of directors and a pastor’s council for guidance. The need for space to facilitate this growth became apparent. SCS families began to pray for larger facilities and again, God provided. In 2001, the school was approached by a group of local pastors and two Somerset philanthropic families, the Corrells and the Merricks, with a vision to house the school in a larger, stand-alone facility which would provide more space for the growing student population. With the investment of millions of dollars by these families and donations from other individuals combined with endless hours of labor and prayer, the campus of Somerset Christian School at 815 Grand Avenue became a reality in 2004. The following spring SCS graduated 6 students.

In the years that followed, enrollment has fluctuated greatly from year to year and in the recession years of 2007-08, SCS was often elated to reach a total enrollment of 250 students. Teachers and staff sacrificed greatly and continued to invest and lay the foundation, not just in bricks and mortar, but in the hearts of children who dreamed of impacting their world. God faithfully continued to bring strong leaders and families who were committed to Christian education to further this dream. Many families came to Somerset largely because of the availability of this school. Some of these families hosted international exchange students which, in some years, amounted to 10% of the high school enrollment. 

About this time, John Hale was hired as principal and brought decades of wisdom and educational experience. Along with his vast experience and the combined commitment and sacrifice of many families, leaders, visionaries, teachers, staff, pastors and school board councils, the way was paved for those that followed.  Millions of dollars, thousands of work hours, and endless prayers were invested to lay the foundation for what you see and enjoy today.  

Dr. Ron Gleaves came to lead SCS in 2021 as Head of School. Dr. Gleaves' focus is to ensure that SCS continues to expand on the foundation laid by so many before him, to focus on excellence in spiritual and academic endeavors, and to make every effort to train our students to live powerfully their faith in Jesus. Dr. Gleaves reshaped and added to the leadership team at SCS, providing a school principal and campus pastor. The leadership team is honored to say that SCS is a Christian school


SCS has experienced unparalleled growth in recent years, adding 30% to our student population. God has favored our school in every area. 

All of those who faithfully endeavored to assist in laying the foundation of SCS acknowledge that God has answered countless prayers and has blessed the sacrificial effort. God has honored hard work, vision, diligence, and faith. There is not enough time to give you all the statistics that validate that statement. Please indulge me the time to give you just a few.


SCS students have matriculated at nearly every university in the state of Kentucky, both private and public. They have also been accepted and studied at prestigious national and international institutions. They have completed PhD, MD and other degree programs at schools such as Princeton, Boston College, Villanova, Kent State, Baylor, Hillsdale, Texas A&M School of Engineering, Goethe in Frankfurt, Germany, University of Kentucky Medical School, UK School of Pharmacy and UK Engineering, University of Cincinnati Law School, Notre Dame Law School, Liberty University, Asbury, Transylvania, and the prestigious US Military Academies. These students are doing both undergraduate and graduate studies prepping for careers in Medicine, Law, Engineering, Media, Economics, Linguistics, Marketing, Accounting, Psychology, Philosophy, Education, Theology, etc. The list is seemingly endless. 

These stats are noted not to inflate egos, but to say, God has heard the prayers, He has seen the faith, and He has blessed the efforts. He has made this dream of a god-honoring, academic Christian school in this region a reality. Somerset Christian is grateful and we give all honor and glory to Him.

Once the parent of an alumni had a well-meaning local professional ask, “If your child goes to Somerset Christian School, can they realize their dreams or even go to college when they graduate?” The parent chuckled a bit, and glibly answered, “Oh yes, by God’s grace and with diligence, they can realize their dreams and they can go to most any university they want, and most often they go for free.”

To God be the glory for what He has done!

Written by: Leisha Garland, Somerset Christian family alumni, October 2022

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